Review on Brainwavz XFIT XF-200 In-Ear Sport Earphone

The Brainwavz XFIT XF-200 is the new addition to their earphone line-up.This one is mainly intended for people who want sports usage and good sound quality with their earphones.
As a Brand Brainwavz has always impressed me with their audio products.This one is no exception.These come with a very ergonomical design suited for active lifestyle and a 3-button in-line remote for controls.
The earphones arrived well packaged, in an easily accessible professional packaging. To top that off it has a premium storage case, a clip, 6 additional earphone tips, 1 set of Bi-Flange eartips and the extremely comfy foam ear buds along with the typical user manual.
At the end we have a standard 3.5mm jack which is gold plated and is compatible with all present smartphones.
The design is very unique and the shell is a flat type.The shell construction is plastic and is very lightweight.Besides that the wire and it's connecting points, are nice and thick and feel extremely durable. The wire is not tangle free type so it is much lighter and doesn't add up to its weight. As usual with sports earphones these wrap around your ears and are difficult to dislodge while you are running ,working out or any other sports activities.
While choosing earphones I give the highest priority to in ear comfort ,without that I can’t buy one,even if it offers exceptional sound output.These fit extremely well and are more comfortable than the other cheaper earphones.Even though it's not the lightest one ,The wrap around design makes it lighter and you don’t even feel that you are wearing an earphone while working out.
As said the shell is a flat type so the edges will not pop out. I found a major advantage with that. I use to listen music while on bed With most earphones you will feel uncomfortable especially when you lay sideways So they press against the outer ear when lying on the side.But with XFIT 200 the case is much comfier.These headphones don't quite disappear while laying my head on a pillow and is comfortable enough that I can fall asleep with them on though BEDPHONES are way more comfier and expensive than this one.
Control buttons
Frankly I don’t like these type of buttons they are not very convenient to use. The buttons must pop out and should be spaced a little more.The one they offer in BLU-200 , S0 and other premium earphones are the best.They should employ that type of control buttons with their sports series too.Besides that ,the buttons work fine with my android ,IOS and windows phone too. It also works exceptionally when on a phone call , just crisp clear audio.
The 3 buttons can be used to control phone calls ,music controls like skip ,play/ pause ,previous song and the volume of course.
All in all these earphones are fairly durable and way more comfier than regular earphone. At present they only come in black and white version. Being a sports earphone I do have loved other colour options too.
Brainwavz XFit XF-200 Specs
-Drivers: Dynamic, 9 mm
-Rated Impedance: 16 ohms
-Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
-Sensitivity: 95 dB at 1 mW
-Rated Input Power: 10 mW
-Cable: 1.4 m Y-Cord, Copper Plug: 3.5 mm, Gold plated
Well with a 9mm driver and 16 ohms of impedance it produces good sound output. The bass is fairly punchier and not overpowering. The sound is clear and crisp in most cases. These would be great for acoustic music. Testing it with pop type and electronic music resulted in favour of these. I think these were a little harsh when it comes to treble. Especially you will notice it when you increase the volume to max. Anyway that's not a disadvantage ,it’s just focused more towards the clear and crisp side. Using an equaliser you can easily reduce the treble to a good extent and can get more balanced output.
As said the mids are really warm and highs are clear enough. There is no doubt that these sound really good when compared to other sports earphones. I found the brainwavz S0 output way more balanced but XFIT was way more comfier. However, despite the small shortcomings of the treble, when it all blends together it actually sounds great for an overall pleasant sound signature.
Overall I think it sounds just as similar as their omega and jive earphones. Also the results were in favour of these earphones when i tested it with JBL T200A.
SMARTPHONES TESTED WITH : Oneplus X, Xperia Z2, Yu Yureka, Coolpad note 3,Nokia Lumia 730.
I am really satisfied with these earphones. These offer excellent comfort when it comes to sports earphones. The sound output as said was not exceptional though it is not good for the price it is been sold. You can purchase this earphone @ Rs.1189/- approx. No matter what type music you listen this will impress you for sure. Also these wrap around perfectly with any ear size and stay firm.
Being a sports earphone Brainwavz offering good price not best price. Being a sports earphone these should have been sweat resistant, though I think it will resist at least to some extent.
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